Instructional Systems Development

Instructional Design Portal


During my career, my goal has been to develop scalable solutions for my clients which will take my work to the next level. To streamline the instructional design services at Black Hills State University, I developed an online instructional design services portal with the support of a web developer. The portal served as a one-stop-shop for faculty in which they were able to access the self-paced tutorials on a variety of instructional technology. I supervised the student technology fellows to develop those tutorials. I also provided interviews with my clients to present best practices relevant to online education via the portal. The portal also provided access to two other instructional systems that I developed with the support of the web developer in my team. These were the workshop registration system and the online course quality assurance system. The workshop registration system housed all the faculty development efforts in the campus, allowed faculty to register and modify their registration if needed, and provide electronic feedback upon the completion of the workshop. The course agreement system allowed the individual faculty to complete a form to apply for incentives to develop a brand new course or implement major revisions for an existing course, to review their existing courses and access to the instructional designer reviews. The system monitored the course design reviews of online courses and flagged courses due for a review. I used the public domain version of the QualityMatters course design rubric during the process. The web developer and I published an article explaining how the system works in 2014.

Online Faculty Orientation


The online faculty orientation is a self-paced online course which provides two different tracks for online faculty. These are the existing course revision and the new online course development track. Both tracks awarded digital badges for faculty which was also visible to other parties within the learning management system. The tracks included my tutorials in addition to the courses brought from

Prior Learning Assessment System


In 2012, I drafted the proposal to apply for a grant provided by State Council of Higher Education for Virginia to develop a prior learning assessment system to accept students from the community colleges in Virginia into the accelerated bachelor degree programs at George Mason University. The proposal was accepted, and the prior learning system (Online Adult Student Information System (OASIS)) was developed with the support of the director of information technologies and the associate provost of undergraduate education and the associate provost of distance education.

Online Course Evaluation Systems


In addition to the system, I developed at Black Hills State University, I also developed an online course evaluation system at Des Moines University in 2014. Rather than creating the system from scratch, I utilized the existing components of the learning management system (Desire2Learn Brightspace) to allow three parties (the instructor, the peer, and the instructional designer) to review a course design using the public domain version of the QualityMatters rubric. The reviews were conducted in an online course. The supporting materials to guide the reviewers were also housed in the same course.