Short Biography

Dr. Devrim Ozdemir is an experienced scholar in the field of instructional design and technology. He has experience in higher education for more than a decade. His current work focuses on the development and improvement of competency-based graduate professional degree programs. He works one-on-one and collectively with faculty to develop quality courses. He also provides leadership to the degree programs to assess student learning and competency achievement using learning analytics and big data. He provides faculty development to develop quality courses/programs and utilize the latest technologies such as electronic portfolios and learning object repositories.


Dr. Ozdemir possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise on a wide spectrum of educational and technological issues and resources in higher education. He is able to critically analyze both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of researching, implementing, and efficiently utilizing new technologies and processes with the end goal of the student in mind. Dr. … Continue reading Becky Hines – Education Librarian at Des Moines University

Becky Hines – Education Librarian at Des Moines University

Devrim is personable and experienced in instructional design. I have enjoyed working with him on scholarly publications and accessible course designs. I never tire of discussing higher education matters with him because I respect his knowledge in this field.

Dr. Vanessa Preast – Associate Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment at Grinnell College